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Music Lessons On Video

Have your music lessons on the go, anywhere in the world

with our new custom recorded video lessons recorded for you and sent straight to your phone or email!

You are a busy individual and yet you still find time for constant self improvement, We salute you!!!

Thats exactly why we now bring our new, world class methods of teaching guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons and singing lessons to you!

We will send you a weekly custom recorded video just for you along with accompanying notes as well as give you access to support and advice from your assigned tutor all week round.

You get to keep all your lessons on your phone or laptop and review them anywhere and anytime you wish and have your own assigned guitar tutor on hand to answer any questions you may have.


  • Have your lessons any time, anywhere
  • Be able to review your lessons
  • Have support access to your own personal tutor throughout the week.

Below you will find a selection of music lessons on video so you can learn the basics of playing an instrument.

Another day in Paradise

let her go lesson

Ionian guitar solo

She Always Gets What She Wants

Finger-style playing

Finger-Style playing 2

Finger-Style Playing 3

Finger-Style Playing 4

Changing between Chords

Finger-Style Playing 4

Cool Sweep picking lick

Beginner Fingerstyle

Nothing Else Matters Intro

12 Bar Blues

Grand Vals Part 1

Grand Vals Part 2

Grand Vals Part 4

Grand Vals Part 5