Music Lessons From The Comfort Of Your Home - We Come To You!!!

Music Lessons Johannesburg – We Come To You!

Guitar Lessons

We offer guitar tutoring for all ages, all levels of playing in all styles, both electric and acoustic. Styles covered range from pop, rock, punk, metal, blues, jazz, funk etc. Our goal is to make your learning experience as fun as possible so there for we work on the style of music which interests you the most and learn all the necessary techniques through the study of your favourite songs. We also learn theory and reading while we look at your favourite songs. So whether you want to be virtuoso or simply strum around the camp fire we got the solution for you! 

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Piano Lessons

At Playmusic we create tailor made music lessons. Each lesson is customized to the students desire! Whether you want to be a classical maestro or want to jam some chords for fun it’s all here! From musical toddlers to fulfilling a life long dream when you’ve retired! We cater for all! 

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Drum Lessons

Like the other instruments that we teach our drum lessons are tailored to suit your exact needs. We’ll start you out on the basic techniques then move on straight away to showing you your first beats and get you playing along to your favorite songs what ever style they should fall in. 

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Singing Lessons 

Our approach to voice training is super fun! We’ll teach you super fun vocal exercises to help you develop your $1000 000 voice, work on your technique by singing along to your favourite songs and then help you write your own hit songs and even record them for you. No matter if you just want have a better shower singing voice or if you want to make it a profession we can help you get there.

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