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Our Team

Nico de Beer

Guitars / Piano

Owner and founder of Playmusic, Nico is just your typical friendly neighbourhood musician. When he is isn’t filling the minds of eager students with the musical knowledge acquired over 20 years of passionate playing, Nico is always looking for ways to improve his craft and thus improve the overall experience for not only his own students but all the students signed up with Playmusic. In his spare time he volunteers at a homeless shelter and teaches young and old a like the valuable and life changing skill of music. Like all of our tutors Nico regularly performs with his bands and is a frequent on kyknet with the band Beer en die Boer of which fellow tutor Chris Baumann is also part of.

Bruce Middleton

Guitars / Piano

Guitarist extraordinaire, Bruce will guide you through any style of playing, anything from fingerpicking classical pieces, to rock, to metal and everything in between. Although Bruce boasts with rockstar skills he is as humble as a monk and is an allround nice guy.

Francois Nel

Guitars / Piano / Drums

A man of many talents, Francois couldn’t confine himself to one instrument. Not only is a Franna a seasoned guitar player who gives most guitarists string envy but he also plays piano and drums. Francois is currently practicing to play all 3 instruments simultaneously as he feels he needs a bigger challenge than a single instrument offers. This Jack of all trades and master of all will expand your knowledge at any level.

Collin Tesk


As you can see Collin’s insane guitar skills have made him fans on and off stage. One can’t help but air guitar in his presence as he animates stagnant air particles into dancing molecules of pure sonic satisfaction with his trusty axe. This schooled musician will graduate you from air guitaring to mastering the guitar.

Chris Baumann

Guitars / Voice Coaching

One has to wonder how so much personality gets bottled up in such a small package. Chris is packed with so much talent that large corporations have tried to bottle and sell him. But unfortunately for most of us these attempts have failed miserably. The good news however is that Chris can pass on these talents through his teaching. Having graced countless stages over the last 2 decades Chris now also shares his remarkable guitaring skills with eager students. But wait there’s more…. Chris also offers voice coaching and can advance your singing from idols wooden mic territory to a singing that will satisfy even the meanest critics ears.

Chris Palmer

Guitars / Piano

Another schooled musician, Chris has graced the ranks of the playmusic team with his wealth of knowledge and talents. Smoother than the royal family’s silk sheets and cooler than a Siberian autumn breeze this talented player will awaken anyones musical skills and develop them with the precision of a sonic engineer. Oh and he plays on a beautiful Fender Stratocaster!!! Need I say more?

Dane Nysschen

Guitars / Piano

This photo says a 1000 words and words to describe this tutor are hard to find. In my humble opinion Dane is one of the most virtuosic musicians I have met in my life. When an absolute passion for a craft, natural talent and thousands of hours of dedication and hard work come together we get a Dane. We are so blessed to have this fantastic musician in our ranks and willing to share his knowledge and tips to awesomeness with our students.

Gareth Carincorss

Keyboard / Piano

Nothing short of inspiring can describe Gary. His fingers move and dance in absolute harmony with the universe across the keys and the results cannot not be explained and must be experienced. A seasoned performer on stage and studio, Gary has made time in his busy schedule to share his magic with you!

Ian van Niekerk

Guitar/Piano/Voice Coaching

Ian is one of our most dynamic tutors and equally proficient on all his instruments. His students all love his bubbly personality and as a result learn very quickly as he makes learning tonnes of fun. Ian like all of the other tutors is constantly working on improving his skills and abilities and as a result this spills over onto his many happy students.

Johan van der Heever

Piano / Voice Coaching

Johan is our most experience tutor and has many years of musical experience behind him. Johan is an amazing pianist both in the classical and contemporary genres. When Johan is not dazzling the airwaves with his amazing piano skills, he paints the canvas of silence with his voice. Johan offer voice training of the highest standards in both contemporary and classical genres.

Quintus van der Heever

Piano / Music Production / Film Scoring

Quintus is just another virtuoso on the piano/keyboard on our dynamic team that is very thorough in his training techniques. His skills don’t end there though. Quintus offers a part-time course in music production and film scoring that he achieve great results with. We are very proud to have our own Hans Zimmer on the team and to know that eager minds are being filled with this valuable knowledge.

Myles Hartelmuller


Myles has a diploma in music performance and is furthering his musical education, as well as working in the industry, particularly in live music. He has experience with many genres and has played in a variety of bands and sessions in various roles. He currently plays guitar in the hard-rock band ‘Rescind’ (Twitter – @Rescind band). Myles has a great passion for music theory, guitar playing and teaching music and teaches in the south of Johannesburg. His goals for the future include playing frequent sessions and live events, writing and recording music and playing internationally.

Lancelot May


Started Playing Guitar at the age of 16. Had been watching and listening to a lot of AC/DC and was just mesmerized by Angus Young, decided that’s what I want to do with my life. Musically my biggest influence was the guitar work of Iron Maiden but am also just as influenced by the sweet bluesy rock grooves of Jimmy Page and Hendrix. I play for the joy of playing and my mission as a guitar teacher is to help guide any budding musician to a place where they can also gain the same amount of joy from playing whether it be on the bed at home or on a stage in front of a screaming crowd.To me musical success is finding one’s personal groove and being able to freely express one’s soul fluently.


Drums, Guitar, Bass

Jakes started playing around with the guitar on the age of 10…his dad always wanted him to play an instrument, but as we all know, on that age, your more interested in other things. His dad took him to see Def Leppard in 1996, which got him interested in playing guitar. A year later his dad passed away, leaving him with all his musical equipment. Jakes believes that playing a music instrument expresses a feeling in oneself and acts as a relief to your soul Been playing in numerous bands the following instruments: Guitar Bass Drums

Drum Lessons Johannesburg

Po-Chung Chen


For me technique in drumming is vital, with good technique I believe you can pretty much do anything you want on your instrument and makes it easier to learn anything you want on the drums. First and foremost I will teach you the basics any drummer needs to know, for example stick grip, your drum kit being set up to your comfort zone, knowing basic counting systems, these will help you in your drumming more than you think it might. I like to teach having good technique concurrently to learning how to read, and also developing your repertoire and learning from songs. In technique there will be a bunch of exercises to develop independence, your 40 basic drum rudiments, dynamics, control, etc. Developing your repertoire will be learning songs to a point where you can play them well and then moving onto the next song, the genres will vary. Basic reading exercises will be given to you to develop reading skills as well as develop more rhythm in your playing.

Linda Boshoff


Making sure the ship stays afloat is the sweetheart Linda. Where the creative minds lack administrative skills, Linda excels and fills the void. She is your go to person for any account queries.