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We offer Professional + Affordable drum lessons Johannesburg in the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to improve your classroom pencil beats, boardroom finger rolls or want to be the next big Rockstar, we’ll help you get there. Drum lessons are structured around your musical interests and tastes and done in a way to help you achieve your musical goals.

Congratulations on making the decision to learn to play the drums and be part of the 10 in 100 special individuals who play a musical instrument.

Learning to play the drums can be challenging BUT what if I told you that with our NEW approach to Drum Lessons and with as little as 10-15 min practice a day, you could learn to play your 1st song in 30 days or LESS?

Anyone, regardless of age or skill level CAN Learn To Play Drums using our Proven Secret Step by Step FUN Methods 100% of the time, and thats why 9 out of 10 people who visit our site sign up for drum lessons.

Gain Confidence, Express Yourself, Be The Best Version of You!!!

Benefits Of Learning Drums

  • Boosts Confidence
  • Boosts The Immune System
  • Intellectual Development
  • Social And Creative Development
  • Helps You Stay Fit
  • Relief From Chronic Pain/Grief
  • Reduces Stress/Anxiety
  • Combats Depression And Neurological Conditions

Meet Your Johannesburg Drum Instructor Po-Chung

Drum Lessons JohannesburgFor me technique in drumming is vital, with good technique I believe you can pretty much do anything you want on your instrument and makes it easier to learn anything you want on the drums.

First and foremost I will teach you the basics any drummer needs to know, for example stick grip, your drum kit being set up to your comfort zone, knowing basic counting systems, these will help you in your drumming more than you think it might.

I like to teach having good technique concurrently to learning how to read, and also developing your repertoire and learning from songs. In technique there will be a bunch of exercises to develop independence, your 40 basic drum rudiments, dynamics, control, etc.

Developing your repertoire will be learning songs to a point where you can play them well and then moving onto the next song, the genres will vary.

Basic reading exercises will be given to you to develop reading skills as well as develop more rhythm in your playing.

 Get started right away and achieve your musical goals.

How To Learn Drums For Beginners In Johannesburg

Are you a person who lets your drum case end up being the house of cobwebs? It is a probably a good chance that you own a six string and didn’t put the effort in to learn to play, or begun to take intro to drum lessons and that failed, or some other life things blocked your chances. Starting beginner drum lessons in the normal way sometimes fails since your current life situation is hectic. It may be declared that some individuals have learned the best way to play drum as well as other instruments via online tutorials and possess be successful. But, there are several differences between learning by having an instructor and with an online program. You can never replace the individual approach and priceless techniques a human instructor can impart because those derive from experience.

Best Way To Learn Drums In Johannesburg

Once you have learnt to learn drum tabs, which, mind you, is nowhere close to as hard numerous people appear to think, you can be playing a couple of chords within around 30 minutes. After a couple of weeks you’re starting to see some progress with your chord changes and you also start looking for easy songs in tab form. With half dozen drum tabs of easy songs you will possess enough material to keep your practice sessions going for a month approximately. After that, you’ll have passed the very first stage of learning to play the and you also will be looking for challenges that easy drum tabs no more offer. For those who aren’t considering upcoming drum lessons Johanesburg for beginners but just wish to have a drum at home, the drumming lessons is perhaps less important, although you should think of the way you are certain to get the drum where it really is to your own property. If you are looking for upright drums Johannesburg knows a large number of drum lessons Johannesburg companies who can perform it might be in your case. These companies have experience specially in learn to play the drums at home. An example of a proper music lessons is the classical drum lessons in Johannesburg where children from since seven years of age can learn to play this instrument. With the help of a real music teacher, a youngster should be able to develop the skill whilst developing his confidence as well. Assurances and achieving compliments from the drum teacher are also great, of these things customize the lessons to suit you; thus, encouraging positive attitude and the willpower to learn more each day.

Snare, Cymbals, Stands And Accessories Setup Guide

As you surf through WikiHow you’ve probably seen drummers tapping drum and wondered if you could study prefer that. The sound you will get from tapping drum playing adds some variety and excitement for a variety of techniques. You can use the initial or second finger of your respective left hand to tap the footboard with the fret your note reaches as opposed to fretting the note and showing up in string using your pick.

  • It may be declared that many people find the best way to play drum and other instruments via online tutorials and still have be successful.
  • But, there are several differences between learning to play the drums having an instructor and having an online program.
  • You can never replace the private approach and priceless techniques which a human instructor can impart because those are based on experience.

If you could invest a couple of rands, you’ll find additionally drumming lessons that do not just instruct you the best solutions to play drums within the appropriate song however likewise help you with your techniques and pronunciation abilities. The advantage of using this method is that you can commonly evaluate the courses repeatedly meaning you can even examine for your own speed and relearn the items you’ve did not remember.

Private Drum Lessons Johannesburg

For some, those types of drumming lessons Johannesburg are effective, particularly if they already know basic principles of drum playing. Acoustic drum lessons and in many cases classical drum lessons can be carried out online today. But for someone who doesn’t know anything yet, will find these drum lessons confusing or too advanced to start off with drum tutorial songs. The usual element among each of these various ways on the how to figure out how to play drums is you need to pracice on a whole lot. You need to try to keep playing the drums and make improving all through. See to it to obtain the standpoint of other folks. Inquire if they think you’re enhancing. This is one of the better methods really find out if you are getting better at playing drums and learn to play drums without a drum set. Above all on this, you need to never ever lose hope. Constantly try to keep practicing playing drums your finest and make pushing onward in order that quickly in any respect, you could see yourself joining some of the people well-liked drum lessons Johannesburg and contact us for a free lesson.

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