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Guitar Lessons Johannesburg

The Best Guitar Lessons Johannesburg

We offer guitar lessons in Johannesburg from the comfort of your home.  From beginner guitar lessons to advanced guitar lessons, our guitar instructors Johannesburg an help you get the best guitar lessons Johannesburg.

Learning to play the guitar can be challenging but what if I told you that with our NEW approach to teaching, anyone can learn to play? And even better, start playing songs in LESS than 30 days!

No matter what your age! Whether you are a beginner or have been playing for years, Our Unique Secret methods of guitar lessons accompanied by as little as 10-15 min of practice a day guarantees results 100% of the time, and thats why 9 out of 10 people who visit our site sign up for guitar lessons.

Gain Confidence, Express Yourself, Be The BEST Version of You!!!!

Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Learning To Play The Guitar:

  • Builds Self Confidence
  • Sharpens Concentration
  • Enhances Memory Capacity
  • Aids In Children’s Development
  • Relieves Stress/Anxiety
  • Good For Your Mental/Emotional Health
  • Improves Time Management
  • Makes You COOL

Meet Guitar Tutor – Nico:

Nico de Beer (founder) is a passionate musician/songwriter who started his musical journey at the tender age of 12. Inspired by the great guru’s like Mark Knoffler (Dire Straights), Eric Clapton and Santana, he saved up for his first guitar and immediately started teaching himself how to play the instrument with the aid of MTV, his favorite albums and some tutorial books.

Fifteen years later and still as passionate as ever about music, Nico has proven his worth as a well seasoned guitarist. Having played in countless cover and original bands, doing studio session work, teaching at a well established music school, Nico is now perpetuating his passion onto his eager students to great success. For more info get in touch right now!

So you want to be the next Guitar Rock Superstar?  Want to have a good time strumming songs around the camp fire? Or Rock out in front of a cardboard cut out screaming crowd in your room, WE CAN HELP YOU GET THERE!!!! Our Guitar Lessons Johannesburg tutors are highly skilled, friendly masters of their art who will help you achieve your musical goals by working with your musical interests. We don’t approach guitar lessons the old conservative way, we get down to playing immediately and teach through the use of songs.  Whatever style you are interested in pursuing, whether Electric or Acoustic, we can Help! Some Guitar Styles include:

  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Classical

Simple Guitar Lessons Johannesburg For Beginners

Some people consider playing an electric guitar very relaxing and fun although some other prefer a more amplified form of music with the use of the electric guitar. A lot of people point out that playing the electric guitar is a lot easier as it’s less painful due to the softer/thinner strings although some think it over to become little harder when you need to take control of your strumming for top level or even the ideal beat/tempo. Electric guitars are generally used by professional musicians from different genre but you are more famous inside rock ‘n roll scenes where bands do some special acts making use of their guitars and their guitar lessons Johannesburg. By finding quality instructions on how-to play guitar, you’ll be able to rewind the parts that trouble you, and skip over the portions that you simply find overly simple. This freedom isn’t offered in group classes. By starting at the lessons yourself, in your own home, you can just work at their very own pace and turn into more comfortable with the information guitar lessons Johannesburg. This self-structured environment is great for whoever has played guitar before, or are aware of basic concepts of music theory. Budget is extremely important with regards to deciding on the guitar classes in Johannesburg. If a student wants individual attention, he or she might always must shell out greater than what you would need to do if they are portion of a lesson. At the end of the day this will depend around the interest with the students and the way well they get their lessons and exercises. Although there a variety of teachers who give guitar lessons in Johannesburg, one can take free demo classes to determine which teaching style appeals essentially the most in their mind, as motivation and patience are essential for the guitar student ultimately.

Guitar Tutors Johannesburg – Free Lesson

Armed now with your own personal guitar, the following point to accomplish is usually to have a guitar chord book on your individual. It is so you will not certainly be a total ignorant about chords and finger position whenever you join classical guitar lessons for newbies. Even if the majority of the songs today are playable for their three chords, learning principle chords by heart can be a better move. Being practical is crucial and budgets are thing about this. You must know that which you need to dedicate to not just the instrument in lessons to learn. Do your homework. Remember used pianos sometimes offer high quality along with a new piano may be cheaper. Find the best model of your instrument and then learn the pricing at several places close to you. See what are the costs look like if it can be feasible for that you purchase one. Then remember you ought to choose the lessons as well.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons Johannesburg – Useful Tips For Beginners

If you are contemplating using guitar lessons in Johannesburg? Why not study the guitar online? You see, long ago when, you actually only had 2-3 choices. You could take private guitar lessons, class room guitar lessons, or you will try to teach yourself by way of a guide book. Well, I just have to tell you, times have changed my good friend. You see, you will get the same quality of lessons when you educate yourself on the guitar online for less than the rest and price than private guitar lessons, class room guitar lessons and learning through guide books or guitar lessons Johannesburg. First, you should become accustomed to holding notes because of their full duration at slower speeds. Start with a fairly slow speed like quarter notes at 70 bpm (one note per click), for example. Play a C major scale using a three note per string pattern starting with the 8th fret for the low E string. Play the scale at one note per beat. As you move from note to note using the left hand, you need the timing of the notes to have no enter between-the C with the 8th fret is held exactly up to the D in the 10th fret is played. This requires relaxed, precise timing between your left hand fingers involved in playing the notes. As the index finger is coming off of the C, the center finger is moving for the take part in the D–all in a single smooth motion. A real guitar teacher is also inspiring. The simple act of hearing a well made guitar, everything earth and wood, being played well with a talented musician directly in front person is going to do a vast selection of fine to your motivation. Especially when you obtain that surge in motivation every week. Your teacher should also be encouraging which will almost certainly maintain your morale high. Now the alternative about guitar classes in Johannesburg is that you will get to learn the lessons and keep to the curriculum at the own pace. I like to think of it as “own time, own target”. If you are a slow learner, it is possible to invest some time and take it slow. If you think you can take a faster pace, then by all means do it! This is something that you will not be entitled to in case you enroll in guitar lessons in the class as the trainer may need to stick to a scheduled and rigid teaching plan for guitar lessons Johannesburg then contact us.

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