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Piano Lessons Johannesburg

At Playmusic we create taylor made piano lessons. Each lesson is customized to the students desire! Whether you want to be a classical maestro or want to jam some chords for fun it’s all here! From musical toddlers to fulfilling a life long dream when you’ve retired! We cater for all!

Congratulations on making the decision to learn to play the piano and be part of the 10 in 100 special individuals who play a musical instrument. Learning to play the piano can be challenging BUT what if I told you that with our NEW approach to Piano Lessons and with as little as 10-15 min practice a day, you could learn to play your 1st song in 30 days or LESS?

Anyone, regardless of age or skill level CAN Learn To Play Piano using our Proven Secret Step by Step FUN Methods 100% of the time, and thats why 9 out of 10 people who visit our site sign up for piano lessons.

Gain Confidence, Express Yourself, Be The Best Version of You!!!

Benefits Of Learning Piano:

  • Relieves Stress/Anxiety
  • Enhances Concentration
  • Stimulates Brain Improving Neural Connections
  • Strengthens Hand Muscles
  • Improves Langue Skills
  • Improves Vocabulary And Other Classroom Skills
  • Stimulates Growth Hormones
  • Prevents Brain Processing, Hearing, Memory Loss
  • Encourages Creativity


  • Piano Lessons Johannesburg For AllPiano Lessons Johannesburg allows you to get away from the stresses of daily life and focus your mind on your technique and the music. One study revealed that those that chose to play the keyboard to relax had a significantly higher reversal of stress genes at the end of the study than those that chose other techniques. It was concluded that playing music such as the piano could become a rational stress reducing therapy recognized by health and fitness professionals.
  • Foster hand/eye coordination – When playing the piano you often have to read as you play. This trains your eyes and hands to work closely together. You hands also develop independent coordination for Piano Lessons Johannesburg . Each hand performs entirely different movements and has to learn to work together stimulating multiple parts of the brain. Hand/eye coordination is a very beneficial skill to acquire for it can improve your reaction time and productivity. Through Piano Lessons Johannesburg you can also strengthen neural pathways between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
  • Aids in language development – According to research done by Piano Lessons Johannesburg , children that learn music before the age of 7 have much larger vocabularies which aids not online in language development but in learning to play the piano as well. It has been found that adults with musical background such as piano training for children in their youth learned in piano classes Johannesburg quicker and more efficiently than those that didn’t. The brain activity that is acquired at youth through piano music classes Johannesburg continues to benefit through adulthood.

Piano Lessons Johannesburg

Piano Lessons In JohannesburgPiano Lessons in Johannesburg – Learning how to get your hands to work together may be difficult at first but as you practice it will become second nature. Playing piano allows you develop the ability to focus on multiple things simultaneously. To learn to play the piano you must coordinate your hand movements as well as read the music in front of you which requires a lot of focus to learn to play piano. The split concentration you develop from piano can be be acquired from piano teachers in Johannesburg.

Many people that aren’t involved in Piano Lessons Johannesburg  any type of musical hobby may have difficulty recognizing different pitches and chords. Once you grasp the basic concept of playing scales and other technical routines you will be able to explore the different variations of sound, rhythm, and the complementary of melodies and harmonies. Aural awareness is not only good for your ears but is great exercise for your brain as well.

Doing Piano Lessons Johannesburg  the piano requires you to be creative every time you play. Research done by Johannesburg found that musicians use a creative technique known as divergent thinking which requires you to use both sides of your brain. Every time you play piano you are using both sides to correlate your hands and read music. Exercising playing the piano constantly is why musicians tend to be more creative thinkers allowing them to be better able get piano classes at home when it comes to Piano Lessons Johannesburg contact us .