Singing Lessons Johannesburg

Our approach to voice training is super fun! We’ll teach you super fun vocal exercises to help you develop your $1000 000 voice, work on your technique by singing along to your favourite songs and then help you write your own hit songs and even record them for you. No matter if you just want have a better shower singing voice or if you want to make it a profession we can help you get there.

  1. Singing Is ScientificallyProven To Improve Your Mood, Make You Happy And Relaxed.It releases the same feel-good brain chemicals as sex and chocolate! Endorphins and Oxytocin are a very powerful combination that will make you happy, reduce stress and ease any pain you might be suffering from.
  2. It’s An Actual Workout, And A Really Good One. Through singing and proper breathing, you are having a great aerobic workout. Yes, the one that works on the lungs… If you don’t believe it, try for yourself to sing for 30 minutes and see how great you feel afterwards, or ask any performing singer (even if it’s the local choir singer) how he feels after a two hour performance. Now seriously, find an empty space and just go and sing your favorite songs as if you’re the band leader. Put the actual songs in the background if it gets you in the mood, and let us know how it felt…
  3. Your Everyday Posture Will Become Better and you’ll look more impressive. The most basic singing 101is to always make sure you stand / sit straight and in a correct posture. When you get this right and keep practicing it regularly, it will also “spread” to your everyday routines.
  4. Your Breathing Will Become More Efficient And You Will Be More Vital.When you are more efficient it means you get more oxygen, more oxygen means you are less tired and enjoy increased vitality! Unfortanately, it’s a fact that most of us just breathe incorrectly and in a shallow way. Partly because of the everyday life hurries and stresses, and partly just because we never practiced doing it in the most efficient way, even if it sounds like something so simple and obvious. Singing will help you fix it!
  5. Singing Boosts Your Immune System, helping to fight disease and prolonging life expectancy.